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Bella - Cuardach European Tour Bella (Born May 10, 2010)

Out of "Marley" Irish Show Champion Fynder On Shifting Ground and "Megan" Ch Cuardach Megan's Trail at Rinn CD RE

Bella was the "pink" girl out of the Megan/Marley litter.  She is a very sweet little girl.  She was very bold in the litter and loved to explore everything but she was not over the top wild.  She has a very cute personality and can charm anyone.  One of the very cute tricks she had when she was with us is she would put her toys back in the toy box.  It was funny to watch her do this consistently but she really wasn't being neat, she was just keeping the toys away from the others.  I took Bella on a road trip to meet her family.  She was wonderful in the car and seemed to love the experience.  She went to live with a family in Michigan including her people family with teenage kids.  They also had another IWS named Mille.  Unfortunately they lost Millie in February, 2013 so they are all making adjustments.  Bella is Bonnie's daily walking partner and they have taken basic puppy manners class.  Bella is also very lucky that she will spend time with her family on their lake cottage. 


Bella at 4 years old



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