Dogs of Cuardach
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Here are the pups learning sit.  They are pretty good at it!

Please click on the names below each litter for information and pictures of the dogs from the Cuardach Irish Water Spaniel kennel.  You will find brags, information, and pictures on each of the dogs lives since leaving us.  I'm very proud of these dogs and their families.


Scout x Casey Litter - born April 11, 2006 Scout x Tyler Litter - born March 30, 2008 Megan x Marley Litter - born May 10, 2010 Seeker x Danny Litter - born June 11, 2011 Dogs from Clark and Ryan Litters
Byrd Glider Bella Brick Ruby
Ellie Mae Neil Emma Gem Caper
Clark Sheena Harp Uisce Trout
Liberty Saoirse Dublin   Clancy
Megan Reilly     Maverick
Remington Clarence     Liza
Seeker Shea      


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