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Glider retrieving her land mark at the 2012 IWSCA national specialty WC

Glider is an incredible retrieving dog and she is absolutely bird crazy.  She loves to do what the breed was originally bred to do, retrieve birds.  She is a blast to train and very easy as she has such a natural love for retrieving and birds.  She also loves to swim and at times, she is reluctant to come out of the water as she doesn't want the fun to end.  The only challenge in training Glider for the field is that she has so much love for the work that she can be very noisy.  Glider earned her Working Certificate (WC) at the 2012 IWSCA national specialty.  I am now training her for her junior hunt test.  She is very talented in the field.  I definitely need to work on her line manners as she has so much enthusiasm for it.


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