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Glider doing rally at the 2010 IWSCA national specialty

I have been doing foundation obedience training with Glider since she was 6 weeks old.  She is a blast to train and very smart.  I have to be very careful what I teach her from the very beginning as she picks it up so quickly and then she thinks she knows everything.  Even though I have been training her since she was a baby, I have taken my time in getting her into the obedience ring.  While she loves it, I find that I'm enjoying agility much  more.  She is also very busy and she doesn't think stays are any fun at all.  We made our debut in the rally ring on April 3 & 4, 2010.  She qualified both days and even earned 3rd place on Sunday.  On April 30th, Glider earned her 3rd rally novice leg and her RN title at the 2010 IWS national specialty.  She earned 4th place.  Glider earned her first rally advance leg at the 2012 IWSCA national specialty and she earned her 2nd leg at the Maryland Sporting dog show on March 1, 2013 with a 1st place finish.  Glider earned her rally advance (RA) title at the 2013 IWSCA national specialty and took 1st place in the class.  She is so much fun but even in rally she will bark at me if I'm not doing things right or fast enough.  I have decide not to pursue regular obedience with Glider.  She barks at me the entire time we heel.  She heels beautifully and she is a great obedince dog but barking is a hard issue to work through.  As I think it is pretty funny, I guess my attitude towards having her stop is not really positive.  For some reason, obedience judges do not find barking in the ring to be as amusing as I do.  However, Glider did make her Rally Excellent debut at the 2015 IWSCA national specialty. She did great and got her first RE leg with a 1st place.


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