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Maggie - December 1995 (?) - July 9, 2009

No, Maggie is not an Irish Water Spaniel but she was a big part of our lives. Maggie was our Great Dane and she lived to be over 13 1/2 years old.  I got Maggie before I even met Jeff when I was living in Delaware.  I was donating dog food to the animal shelter and I asked if they had a Great Dane.  They said yes, a 14 month old black female.  I went back and saw her but they were getting ready to close so I couldnít do anything that day.  I could not get her off of my mind so I went back a couple days later and she was still there.  I took Brighton, my male Great Dane I had at that time, with me so we could see if they got a long.  Sure enough, they fell in love with each other so I decided to bring her home.

Maggie was a very sweet and mellow dog.  She was a wonderful companion.  She was not an active dog but she loved to go for walks and she loved visitors.  She loved most any person she met.  She also liked most other dogs although as she got older, puppies and really active dogs made her uneasy although she really loved Clark and Glider.  She got her CD but obedience was not her favorite thing.  In addition, her structure was not the best so I didnít want her to do jumping which is required at the higher levels.  Maggie was Jeffís companion when I would take the IWS to events.  She loved to hang out on the sofa and to rearrange the sheets and comforter on our bed. 

I switched Maggie to the raw diet when she was 4 years old.  I truly believe the raw diet is the reason she is lived to such a great age.  After she switched to a raw diet, she became much more active and mobile.  Her coat became much healthier and she loves her food when she didnít care for kibble.  At around 12 years old, Maggie got weak in the rear and had problems walking but I found a fantastic physical therapist who helped her tremendously.  Maggie became very mobile again and even built muscle back in her rear end.

Unfortunately, Maggie was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in late March, 2009.  The traditional treatment is leg amputation and chemotherapy.  However, as I was taking Maggie to physical therapy for the last year to help her be more mobile on 4 legs because of her sore back and weak rear, she was not a good candidate for amputation.  We give her 2 treatments of radiation for pain management and it worked great as for 3 months, she did not need to be on pain medication and she was very mobile again.  We also used some herbal medicine and pain management to make her as comfortable as possible.  Unfortunately, as the cancer did it's thing and her bone became very weak, the pain came back and her leg became very unstable.  She was a brave soul and is truly missed by us all.


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