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Ryan's Parents

Ryan is out of Liberty (Cuardach Freedom of Flight) and William (Nord Ch Intl Ch Aquatikus American Specialty).  Marion Kong in the United Kingdom was the breeder.

Liberty is sweet girl with a great desire to please and she is always happy.  She has a great working relationship with her owner (Marion) and she excels at agility, obedience, retrieving and basically she will give her all in what ever task she is asked to do.  She is a beautiful and elegant bitch with nice angulation, balance and great movement. She has one of the prettiest heads I have ever seen on an IWS bitch with a long, square muzzle; clean back skull; and long, low set ears.  She has a long neck, nice rib spring, and low set tail.  As she is in the UK, her health screens are a little different.  Her hips are 3/5, elbows 0, thyroid normal and eyes clear.  You can see many pictures of Liberty by going to her page under the Dogs of Cuardach tab.



William, born May 24, 2002, was bred by Susanne Narfström (Aquatikus IWS) in Sweden and is owned by Bjorg in Norway.  He is a beautiful boy with tons of coat, long neck, tons of rib spring and beautiful angulation and movement.  He has a fabulous temperament.  He is very outgoing and nothing fazes him at all.  He has a great willingness to please.  He really impressed Marion when she went to meet him and he gladly went off with her.  He was also willing to work with her too. His hips are rated A/B.



William pictured at 4 years old


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