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Scout at the 2007 WCX test at the National Specialty

Scout is an incredibly birdie dog.  She loves to do what the breed was originally bred to do, retrieve birds.  You can't keep her out of water, even in the coldest of weather.  Scout has jumped willingly into water in the middle of February.  Yes, ice formed on her coat as soon as she got out of the water but she was very happy.

Scout earned her Working Certificate (WC) at the 2005 specialty.  She earned her Junior Hunter (JH) title on October 1, 2005 earning 3 legs in just 2 weekends. Scout has always loved to retrieve and still she loves it so much.  We competed in the WCX test at the 2007 IWS national specialty.  Scout's lack of training for steadiness and line manners (which is none of her fault but strictly mine) came through as you cannot have your dog on a leash during the WCX.  She walked to the line okay but after the first fall, she decided she couldn't wait for the next two falls and retrieved the first bird.  The funniest part is that I was ready for this and I yelled "sit" instead of "Scout," her go word.  Well, she heard me and she ran faster.  She's too smart for her own good.


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